​Before, during and after the tattoo


​You should be well rested and nourished before getting a tattoo, and it is advisable not to have any other problems, especially health problems, that could cause you to feel unwell during the tattoo. Shaving or disinfecting the area to be tattooed is not necessary, as this will be taken care of in the studio if necessary.


​Tattooing will be much more enjoyable if you are not hungry or have a headache from the previous evening in the middle of Tina or Sergey's work. Under no circumstances should you be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances while tattooing. Substances do not help to alleviate any pain that may occur during tattooing.


​After tattooing, the new tattoo is covered with a special transparent film, which protects the tattoo from the environment but allows the skin to breathe and heal. After the foil is removed, tattoo care continues with the appropriate ointments. You will receive all detailed instructions as soon as the tattoo is applied, and you can always call us if you have additional questions.